this is, as the title so helpfully points out, where the sketches will go. most of what i draw thats not the comic will, i hope end up in here.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vote Incentives

Hey guys, it strikes me that I really should make good use of this sketchdump and use it to post the old vote incentives. Here you go guys, and enjoy

This is the incentive for Strip 123: Don't ask who's playing mother It's Lobster Johnston, for those unlucky enough to read Hellboy. Its actually bigger than the blogger software will allow, so fuck it, if you like it, click it to see it full size.

Incentive for strip 122: And that Uniform would have been Thong free too

121's ( Its not like he has that many to begin with...) incentive. Yep, that's Jesus wearing a Darwin Fish T-Shirt. I'm not a fan of the strip that this goes with, but fuck it. I like the incentive.

The Voting incentive for 120: You're Welcome.

Wolverine questioning his true place in the Marvel Universe was the incentive for Strip 119: Versatile: See Also Money

And the very first incebtive I did for Buzz comix was for strip 118: Why were we watching MTV in the first place?? I only put in the strip bnecause Gill doesn't let me say "Monkey Robot Whore Messiah" outloud anymore. True Story.